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Lee Livingston
Lee Livingston

Welcome to Wyoming Outfitter and Guides Association

WYOGA was started in 1959 by a handful of far thinking individuals who saw the need to bring together quality outfitters and offer a collective voice to represent the industry. Fast forward sixty-four years and WYOGA has become a powerful advocate for non-resident hunting and recreation opportunities in Wyoming.

We have a great working relationship with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department and are continually consulted by the Governor’s office and members of the Wyoming Legislature on hunting and fishing issues. Governor Gordon appointed past-president Sy Gilliland and myself to the recent Wyoming Wildlife Task Force to tackle tough wildlife related issues here in Wyoming.
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When considering a Wyoming hunt or fishing trip remember that WYOGA members are not only fighting for your right as a non-resident sportsman here in Wyoming, but are the best of the best in Wyoming. WYOGA’s ninety-five plus members represent one-third of the licensed outfitters in Wyoming, but collectively take over half of the guided hunters who come to Wyoming to pursue our abundant wildlife.

We hope to see you on the trail someday soon!

Lee Livingston, WYOGA President

Wyoming Outfitters and Guides Association is proud to announce the release of Hunting Safely in Grizzly Country.

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Big Game Awards

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Wyoming License Application Deadlines

Elk: Non-residents: Feb. 1
Elk: Residents: May 31
Deer: May 31
Antelope: May 31
Moose: April 30
Bighorn Sheep: April 30
Mountain Goat: April 30
Spring Wild Turkey: Feb. 1
Wild Bison: April 30

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Outfitter-Client Yearly Statistics

Wyoming State Board of Outfitters & Professional Guides

Year End Statistics: 2022        Outfitters: 305

Species# of ClientsSuccessful %
Black Bear1868847%
Mountain Goat191474%
Mountain Lion1249375%
*The actual number of individuals utilizing the services of licensed outfitters may be slightly less than the totals reflected above due to some clients hunting more than one species.

Preference Points explained

Unraveling the Preference Points Mystery

by Jim Schell, Rough Country Outfitters & Guides

"WHAT THE HECK DO YOU MEAN, I didn't draw my dang Wyoming elk license again!!!" I'm sure most of us have either said, or at least heard this very statement, quickly followed by a few other choice words of disappointment! So, if you are like many non-resident sportsmen, you have at least a few questions surrounding Wyoming's big game preference points system.

In an effort to help folks better understand how the preference points system works, a few facts, figures, opinions and application strategies will be presented. Understanding the dynamics of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department's big game license drawing may be of real benefit to you in successfully drawing that coveted antelope, deer, elk, bighorn sheep or Shiras moose license, when, where and how you wish to hunt them in future years!

2021 Southwick Economic Impact Study cover

The economic impact of big game hunting in Wyoming

  • Wyoming hosted more than 120,000 big game hunters in 2020, of which 60 percent were residents and 40 percent were nonresidents.
  • Those hunters, that same year, spent $250 million on gear, travel, guides and other goods and services in Wyoming, which in turn generated economic benefits that extended to all state residents.
  • These same dollars went on to support 3,500 jobs…
These results are contained in a study commissioned by the Wyoming Outfitters and Guides Association and its partners, and produced by Southwick Associates. You can download the 2021 summary report here.

Elk is the most targeted species by resident and guided nonresident hunters.

Antelope and mule deer are the most targeted species by unguided nonresident hunters.

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