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Outfitter, Guide, and Associate Membership

Become a member of the Wyoming Outfitters and Guides Association—help us to keep the rights and use of public lands secure in Wyoming.

Receive a current directory, continual industry updates from the office and an invitation to our annual meeting. All memberships include a certificate, wallet card and decals.

We accept checks, Visa, and Mastercard, You can print and fill out this application to mail in with your payment.
$600 ~ 1 Year Outfitter Membership
$100 ~ 1 Year Co-Outfitter Membership
$50 ~ 1 Year Voting Guide Membership
$10 ~ 1 Year Associate Voting Guide Membership
(Appointed by Outfitter Member)
$25 ~ 1 Year Associate Membership
$60 ~ 3 Year Associate Membership
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