WYOGA Code of Ethics

The following Code of Ethics … is imposed upon all members of this association and will be subscribed to by all eligible persons prior to being accepted into membership in this association.

  • Members will endeavor to promote and practice responsible wildland ethics and exercise good stewardship of our natural resources.
  • There shall be full cooperation between members of the Association.
  • Prior use rights, camp sites, grazing privileges and other existing practices of members will be respected by fellow members and their employees.
  • Members of the Association and their employees will be required to fully cooperate with the Wyoming State Board of Outfitters and Professional Guides officials, Wyoming Game & Fish Commission officials, United States Forest Service officials, National Park Service officials, the Bureau of Land Management officials, State Land officials, and other government agencies; and fully adhere to their laws, rules and regulations.
  • Members will be required to maintain good, adequate and serviceable equipment.
  • Rates and accommodations will be clearly and carefully defined to guests prior to booking.
  • Members will not misrepresent their rates, services or accommodations.
  • Members will always endeavor to employ an adequate number of well-trained, courteous personnel to care for their guests.
  • Members will provide adequate and well-prepared food to guests and personnel at all times.
  • Members’ camps will be kept in a neat, orderly, good state of repair at all times, and shall be so maintained to be a credit to this Association.
  • If livestock is used, members will treat them humanely and maintain their saddle and pack stock in good condition by feeding a balanced ration for the work being done.
  • Members will conduct their business in an ethical manner.
  • Members of the Association and their employees will be required to cooperate with land owners/stockmen and the public with respect to their rights and privileges.
Failure of any member to abide this Code of Ethics will subject himself to reprimand, suspension or expulsion from this association.